White Balance is off in photos

DroneDeploy sets the white balance to the warmest setting for all photos taken during a mapping flight. I make sure to set the white balance to Auto in DJI GO 4, but DD switches is back every time. I am using the latest version of DD and DJI firmware on a Phantom 4, using iOS on an ipad mini.

I saw this was a problem on the forum back in 2016, but I’m still having this issue now.

Hi @bkravets,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. I’m adding in @Gary, who will be happy to help you troubleshoot the issue.


It will set it unless you turn off Automatic Camera Settings in the DD app.
After you set the white balance and camera settings in the DJI app, make sure you turn off Automatic Camera Settings in the DD app or it will default to using the Auto Cam in DD.

Does this mean that the automatic camera setting DD uses is different from the automatic camera settings (white balance/ISO/shutter time) in DJI Go? In other words… if I turn off automatic camera settings in the DD app, but turn them on in the DJI Go app, will it still use auto settings based on DJI Go? I hope I’m making myself clear lol…