Which export formats does DroneDeploy support?

Hi everybody.
I have used DD for some months but I have recently become unsure which formats DD supports when exporting.
I found the official page where it states which which type the RGB is exported as etc. But it is lacking a description of which format I am exporting. Example:
I have a Phantom IV with multispectral camera. If I upload images from camera 5 and 6, these are supposed to be in the spectre of IR and NIR. Does DroneDeploy then calculate the NDVI on these or what type of images does it create? Tried uploading this picture to QGIS where I can check the bands of the RGB spectre (it seems).
Today, I found an article about DroneDeploy, where it states the software doesnt support multispectral files in relation to IR images. So I am totally confused on which formats are supported by DD.
Do I need to upload 1 band to Dronedeploy, export this image, then upload the next band and then export this or how is the process?
I think the DroneDeploy guides are nice for inspiration of what to do, but they are really only scratching the surface regarding to troubleshooting any issue.
hope you can help, thanks in advance

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