Where is the button to start a mission?


It seems like it should be relaatively easy to spot the start mission button, but NO. WHat is the the secret to starting a mission?


Hi @kip,

I noticed in your message to me that you’re using a desktop. You’ll need to use a Supported Mobile Device (Mobile or Tablet) in order to start your mission.



When I first tried DD I had the same issue, it stated that the drone was ready and connected and I’d saved the flight plan…but couldn’t see the icon in the (what now appears) in the bottom right of the screen. No idea why but looking back either DD got an iOS update or maybe it was because I had DJI GO 4 app open still, not really sure to be honest but it always appears now and the system works like a charm. Just thought I’d mention I’d had the same issue. See if there is an update and/or make sure DJI GO isn’t active.

I was using a Phantom 4 at the time.

Hope it helps.



Hi @kip,

Can you provide a screenshot of your DroneDeploy app when all your devices are connected?

Keep me posted,


Make sure DJI GO or any other flight app is not still on. The controller can only connect to one app at a time. Trying with both will cause errors like this.