When do the "5 free per month" reset?

Hi all!:slight_smile:
So, for some strange reason, DD thinks I uploaded 5 maps but I only uploaded 4…it processed one map twice (don’t ask me how or why as all I see is the 5 maps)… anyway, was curious if the maps (the 5 per month free) restarted on the 1st or every 30 days?

I had one more map I wanted to do…should have done it before I did one for a friend, go figure… heh, but it was worth it… is a surprise for him.

Anyway, thank you!

I will spend a week going ooohh aaahh at the one… lol. Debating if it is worth buying one month of some level to export them to something I can print… not sure if I could do that… or if it is worth it, but would love to try to stitch 4 of them together and make a printout.

Anyway, thanks for the input and listening to me ramble :wink:


Hi @jrbtx,

It’s Andrea again. To respond to your additional question and complement your other forum thread, we look at the number of maps generated in the past 30 days to set the count that is available in the Explorer plan.

Happy mapping!

Awesome… that makes sense. Thanks!:slight_smile:

btw, was not trying to spam the forums, was thinking it was a different question and trying to stay on topic, but I ramble :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @jrbtx,

No worries at all. We are happy to have you participating in the DroneDeploy forum. I have responded to your inquiry via email and as well in the other forum thread.

Have a wonderful day!