When DJI's Locking Prevents a Flight from Starting or Stops it mid flight

I know that DD tries really hard to play well with DJI’s unlocking process, but that ultimately you have to go into a DJI native program such as Go4 to get unlocked before being able to take off in DD. Is there any way for DD to look into something (I don’t have any idea what) when it can’t take off to at least provide a pop-up or other notification to say something like “it’s not DD’s fault but something is preventing a take-off…consider checking locks by the manufacturer?”

Usually I know that I’m having an unlocking problem, but not always and it would be nice to have the reminder to check in Go4 when the drone just won’t take-off.

Another place where this shows up and causes real heartburn is when the drone is flying a mission just fine and then stops and hovers. This can happen if there’s an obstacle in the way. And it can happen when the drone is entering an area that DJI thinks needs some attention. (As we all know, this can happen pretty randomly when you’re flying near different altitude grids arounds airports.) Could DD look somewhere to find out if there’s an obstacle or a DJI locking problem so it can notify us? Go4 knows when it’s got either problem. Can DD figure it out and just tell us so we can work on fixing the right problem?

This would save time in the field and, at least for me, some anxiety attacks.

Thanks for considering this.