What to do when DroneDeploy for lack of battery?

What to do when the drone fails to complete the designated mission with DroneDeploy for lack of battery? I want to say that as the mission continues without repeating the previously flown.

That is correct. It does what is called precision point return which allows the drone to return within a meter or two of where RTH was triggered whether it was by you or the system. Personally I don’t like to EVER land with less than 20%. It can put you in a predicament real quick and is actually bad for the cells to go that low too often. I usually hit RTH at 30% or whatever spot on it’s current course is the closest to home. If the flight path brings it by me I will let it run until then. I have the DJI settings at 29% notify just in case I don’t catch it right away and to RTH at 20%.