What settings and attitude for crops

I have flew a few missions and the results were distorted or fuzzy, my last test was at 390’ and was a lot better but the stiching was off on part of the field.

DroneDeploy staff has released a few helpful blog posts outlining their best practices for gettting good stitching. Have a look - https://medium.com/@DroneDeploy/

Generally speaking, fly higher, fly slower, use more overlap. Tall canopy crops (corn, feed etc.) are notoriously difficult to stitch; especially over large homogeneous areas. Altitude tends to be the largest overrriding factor for these types of fields.

Hope this helps!

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We will take a look at your maps and let you know what we think went wrong.

Have you had a chance to look at my maps yet?

It looks like the shutter speed didn’t get set properly. We try to set it at the start of the flight but another user also had this issue.

Are all of your flights fuzzy? It would be interesting to see if we are failing to set it or if there is something different about your aircraft, such as firmware.

Two flights were fuzzy and one was pretty distorted, is there anything I can do in the settings?

If you want to be sure I think you can set your shutter speed to 1/1000 in the pilot app. We do try to set this for the user and we are adding in a new check to make sure it does get set successfully for a future version.

Sounds good, I will try this my next time out