What package do I need to buy for my Project?

I am a designer for a construction company that builds pools, and I am tired of doing digital mockups of customer’s property and homes, so I would like to be able to take my Mavic Pro 2 up over a residential property, and get 3d data that can be imported into programs like Lumina, AutoCad and Structure Studios/Pool Studio.
I am told that Drone Capture will grab all of the data and allow me to import a 3d model of the house, landscaping and surrounding area directly into my program so I can get directly to the process of designing the new project without having to spend so much time trying to use GIS data and photos to match the customer’s home.
Can anyone tell me exactly what package I should buy?

  1. How often?
  2. How accurate?
  3. How big are the properties?
  4. Does any of you software deal with point clouds?
  1. This will be multiple times weekly
  2. need 3d models of residence, landscaping and grading data. The point is to
    be able to design a pool/landscaping/poolhouse/pagodas/waterfeatures etc without having to first spend hours
    “building” their house, driveways, fences landscaping etc. in my design program.
  3. Suburban residential properties usually 1 to 2 acres.
  4. I am assured by tech support at Structure Studios that my program is compatible with data produced by 3D scanners/photogrammetry software,
    and they specifically recommended Drone Deploy as well as Pix4d and OpenDroneMap. I am not familiar with the technical side, but I assume this is what you mean when you mention point clouds.
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The individual plan should allow you to produce any content they can ask for unless they are incapable of importing industry standards due to their softwares capabilities. On those small of lots I don’t think you should need GCP’s unless their is a lot of elevation change. Typically you can see up to 2ft of error horizontally and 3ft of vertical but that is what we see on larger sites without GCP’s so on 2ac you should be within a foot. The bigger problem you will run into is if you have repeat visits to sites. Without GCP’s the map will not align and even though DroneDeploy runs an alignment to previous map routine you can still see a shift if you do a side-by-side comparison.

I have a way to correct the horizontal alignment but the vertical still could be 1ft across the site. Basically this means that if you pick the highest and lowest points and then used an auto-level to compare the difference between the two the could be a 1ft variance between what DroneDeploy says and what the level says. You can help that as well but it will require a level and grade rod and someone who knows how to use it.

I assume the ortho is the primary deliverable but what format(s) are they looking for on the 3D? LAS point cloud, obj textured mesh, DTM contours?

I need to export as .fbx or .obj files, and have the ability to edit the images before importing to my design program.


Do you mean editing the images before processing or editing the ortho after?

I got the answers I needed from a fellow designer. I signed up for the trial and he will walk me through what I need to do. Thanks for trying.

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