What is the best way to bring the drone back quickly?

I personally think that the whole RTH sequence is a little slow - it goes slowly at full height and takes ages to descend in its own rotor turbulence. I never RTH with the DJI app for these reasons - so If I want to take manual control over the drone when the DroneDeploy capture is finished, what’s the best way?

I’ve thought about the following ideas; (Phantom 4 Pro)

  • Switching to ATTI mode and manually flying back - maybe tricky under windy conditions (I’m in the north of England after all).
  • Pressing the RTH button on the controller - not much (if any) of an improvement on what it’s doing already.
  • Closing DroneDeploy and opening the DJI app to fly back manually - this scares me :slight_smile: because there is a period of time where there is no link between my phone and the drone.

Are there any other ways to do it??

This is likely a personal choice, that may depend on the situation.

I’ve got to say I generally bring the drone back myself - I put it into sport mode and bring it back full throttle and yaw to guide it, descending a bit as I go. Fastest, and probably using the least battery.

We hope to make a full screen FPV option to make this better in the future.

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if you have eyes on then I just switch to G then fly it back. Other than that I hit RTH on the controller until it gets above me then I take over to land it.

I haven’t used the built in RTHs in the software apps.