What is the best tablet to use with the dji Phantom 4 Pro?

I have a cheapo Ellipsis tablet which has worked fine for me but when I try to load the “dji go 4” or “DroneDeploy” apps I get the “Unsupported Device” message. What is the best tablet to use with the Phantom 4 Pro and DroneDeploy? Do I want to stick with the Android platform or switch to iOS?

I went with an Apple iPad mini 4. I am happy with it.

Glad to hear you’re happy with your Apple iPad Mini @Andersen. On our FAQ under the Flight Questions section, we have a question titled What kind of device do you recommend using with the app? Apple or Android?

While both Android and iOS work well with DroneDeploy, iOS (Apple) has a better experience than Android because of the way Android handles the USB connection. This causes iOS to be a little more stable.

I have 2 monitors, the Apple iPad Pro works well unless I am flying in bright sunlight. In that case I use the DJI Crystal Sky monitor (5.7/8") monitor and it works great in all situations regardless of the brightness. The biggest downsides of the DJI Crystal sky are the price, ~$650 for the 1000nit and $850 for the 2000nit display and secondly is that you cannot download any apps (DJI 4 Go is built in).