What happens if signal is lost?

Here’s a hypothetical question; if the controller died or something else meant I lost connection with the aircraft, what would happen? Would it crash and burn or think nothing of it, complete the mission and return to me?

It will complete the mission then return home. I do this often because I work in remote areas.

Exactly - once the mission starts, the drone is going to continue flying that mission until it completes it or a low battery condition results in an automated RETURN TO HOME command. I’ve had a situation where the DD app was having issues but the drone continued doing its mission and took all the photos as originally planned.

Thanks all.

I was flying today with DD and owing to windy conditions the flight took longer than expected. The battery was under 20% and the drone was far from completing the survey, the auto-return to home hadn’t kicked in so I brought it home manually.

At what point does it return? And does it take into account the distance it needs to return also?

sadly I lost my dron because of this problem, I had not completed even 5% of the mision when I lost the signal, could never reconnect, I hoped it whould continue with the mision and return to home but it never happened, throught the logs I looked the last registered position hoping it had landed there but I didn’t find it either. Anyone have any idea what could have happened?