What happens if project is larger than one battery can handle?

Sorry if this question was already asked in the forum… I’m new to Drone Deploy, and I’m wondering what will happen if the land size of a project is larger than one battery in my drone can handle? Will the drone RTH at a certain battery percentage so I can put in a new battery and then will the drone continue where it left off?

Yes, multi-battery missions are supported by DroneDeploy with an automatic RTH when a battery chang is needed. How many batteries will be needed for the mission will be shown when you are making the plan.

I would also say that if the battery percentage makes sense to rth manually just after coming out of a corner just in case the precision point return doesn’t work correctly. Sometimes the turn is closer to you then where it was.

In my experience, what happens is you hear an audible beep from the app indicating the drone is returning to home b/c of low battery. The amount of battery remaining will depend on how far away the drone is from home - it knows how much it needs to get back! The drone will land. Turn off the drone. Replace battery. Start drone. Your app will have a “Continue Mission” showing. Tap it, then allow the pre-flight checks to finish, and then tap the Start button again. The drone will continue where it took off.

One time, i was flying a long field where the drone ended up about 1 mile away (1.6km). As the drone approached, I knew that it would reach critical battery level at the far end of the field. Rather than let it go, I hit the RTH button and had the drone land while it was close by. I was not worried about the battery running out, but I saved a little time by not waiting for the drone to return from a mile away. I switched out the battery and resumed the mission…

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