What elevation point is the flight relative to in map planning?

What elevation is the flight relative to in map planning?

Relative to the home point when starting the mission on the ground? Relative to the point in the air when the mission is started in the air? Relative to one of the points in the map plan?

I need to know because when I am mapping a large area, sometimes I need to drive to a new location after flying a segment. But the problem then is to make sure that the drone is flying the same altitude (above sea level) as my previous flight. My pan is separately get the altitude (above sea-level) for any place I launch from, and then adjust the map elevation for each segment of the larger area that I fly.

Of course, as usual, I am usually missing something obvious :slight_smile:

Hi @oneeyedhobo,

I suggest taking a look at our Elevation Toolbox support article to learn more about exploring and understanding the elevation and depth on a map.

Your elevation map is relative to the takeoff point of the drone. So if you see a negative area on your map, this means the elevation is lower than your takeoff point.


It’s relative to your takeoff point as defined by the drone’s GPS - which can be off by a ± a couple of meters.
I believe it will use the first takeoff point as a reference.
Ideally it should be 0. In reality it may be ± a few meters. Therefore it may be 15 feet. If so, lower areas may still be positive (e.g. 14, 10 feet, etc) since they reference this point.