What does code 5026 mean?

What does code 5026 mean? I tried to engage drone deploy and when it presented the checklist, it would not let me clear any of the checklist but gave me a 5026 instead

Its an error that is caused when user clicks the takeoff button sooner than the mission is ready. It may work meanwhile if you wait 10-15 seconds before pressing takeoff. We fixed this issue in upcoming app update - expecting to be released by early next week.

I am having the same problem, and waiting does not solve it.

Inspire 1 pro, everything updated, all checks normal.

I had the same thing with my Inspire Pro too.

I closed everything down and re-started and all was good

I have the same error although I have not yet given it a try to wait longer. In the same breath, another error message about waypoints not being uploaded also popped up.