What can the customer see/do?

I am familiar with the app and online dashboard but have never seen Dronedeploy from the drone operators customers perspective. Do they see the same as us? Would anyone with a Pro or Business account care to share a link to one of their projects with me?

Mark G.

It is pretty similar to the UI that you see. What type of things would you like them to see differently if you could change it?

Without seeing it from their side it would be hard to say. It would be nice to see their view.

You should be able to make a temporary email and check it out.

Sign up with another email?

Yeah, that would probably be the best way to share with yourself and act like a customer. I thought you wanted to see what a customer sees without signing up for DroneDeploy which you’d be able to see by having a second email and sharing with that second email.

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Nice 1 Chase, thanks mate!

One more question, if I paid for a plan for, let’s say 1 month, after the month ran out would the customer still have full access or would I have to continue the plan until they no longer needed access?

Hi @markaguille,

If you are no longer paying for the plan, then all the features associated with the paid plan will no longer be available and the share link may expire.

Hope this answers your question. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Realise there has been some back and forth here and wanted to clear a few things up:

  1. Customers and trial users can share a link with anyone and the recipient does not need to sign up. They will be able to see all the map layers, download any existing exports, and interrogate any existing annotations. That is by far the easiest way to share. (here’s one I made earlier)

  2. If you want to see what your customer would see on your own map, just use “incognito mode” in Chrome or “private browsing” in Safari or Edge. Or sign out of DroneDeploy before you click the link.

  3. If you would like your customer to be able to make edits, add annotations or create exports, you can add them as an “editor” on the map, and they will need to sign up for DroneDeploy.

  4. If you cease payments to your DroneDeploy, you will find that the share links do still work and data may be retained and viewable by your client. However, you should be aware that if you are no longer paying for the service, we may shut down those share links or remove the data at any time. Hosting the many gigabytes of map data for ex customers and trial users can be seriously costly for us, so we may need to clean it up in future.

  5. We are considering offering a “hibernation” account, where you pay a massively reduced rate (say $10) to serve as maintenance to guarantee your share links and map data to be retained, when not actively mapping. @markaguille - I’d be interested in your feedback in case that would be of interest to you during your down months.


James Pipe
Product Manager


Great suggestion with the hibernation. And see no issue with a fee to keep links active. Last thing you want is to scramble to “reactivate” for a customer who wants data/map/info. And makes sense given size of files.

I hope to be on a plan soon once I either find customer needing or even some personal needs to practice in the interim.

Hi James thanks for the explanation. The hibernation sounds like a good idea.