Weird 3D Map


Just did our 1st flight with Inspire 2 Drone. We partially mapped a building and created a map (free mode so used a limited number of pics)

I’m really confused as to how the resulting map came to be. All the pics had GPS Exif data so I really dont understand how even though we only captured some parts of the building that the various parts came out with such odd angles compared to other parts. We took photos every two secs from close in and wide angles every 2 secs

The newbie part of me assumes that the 3D model should not look like it does when the photos have the GPS and Gimble data as the modelling software will use it to accurately position them

Maybe the Exif data is corrupted

Model link if you want to take a look -

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice


You might check out this blog post:

Can you share the map out of the application? Without knowing more about how the imagery came out it is hard to draw any other conclusions. You’ve got a 3D model and presumably an ortho, so the underlying EXIF metadata being in the images doesn’t seem to be the issue.


Thanks C3

I’ve seen that post previously thanks. The link to the shared model is in the original post.

The main issue seems to be the way its put some parts of the building at very odd angles

Hi @Mark_Lloyd

I took a look at your map and it seems that you took lots of images of the sides of the building pretty close by, with the camera horizontal (pointing straight at the side of the building). While this can help add some detail to the model (the 3d model you linked has some parts of the building side showing), the photogrammetry process needs images from further out and alternative angles to tie the scene together.

For a high quality 3d model of a building like this, I would suggest doing one pass of the area of interest at a decent altitude (say at least 200ft) above the building, with the camera pointing straight down (nadir), then supplementing with some oblique images (around 45degrees) circling the building to get the detail of the building sides. These obliques should be a decent distance away from the building as well to ensure each image has a fair amount of the building contained in it - this helps the photogrammetry process tie the images together well and generate a high quality complete 3d model of the building.

You can use the DroneDeploy app to capture the nadir imagery quickly and easily then do some manual flying for the oblique details.

Hope that helps!

Hi Jeremy

It was very much an experimental flight. I really appreciate the advice