Webview on Android lacks ability to return to DroneDeploy flights/map


There is no way to exit a web view in the DroneDeploy Android application. The web view lacks a back button and the device’s back button does not return the user to the DroneDeploy flight screen. To return to the flights/maps screen in the DroneDeploy app, I had to force quit the app and reopen.
Two links within the Skyward DroneDeploy app that result in this case:

  1. Tap the ‘Register’ link under the login fields.
  2. Tap a ‘Download log file.’ link for a Plan with associated log files.


  1. Install Skyward app/widget via DroneDeploy app store
  2. Navigate to a DroneDeploy flight
  3. Scroll to bottom of sidebar to see Skyward app
  4. Tap ‘Register’ link
  5. See skyward.io open in webview with no way to exit

Forwarding to our mobile team.

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