WebGL Hit a snag loading 3D Models

Starting 2 days ago, when I try to view 3D models of my missions DD crashes and I get a message “WebGL hit a snag”. Before that, no problems. I’m using Win8 with Chrome. I went thru and cleaned out any programs that weren’t being used, tried all of the recommended options from google search, reset system to original status as of 2-27-16 the day & time just before it started. The funny thing is when I try to load DD 3D models on my iPad air2 using safari, it also crashes. that system was also working fine before too. The same thing happens on both formats weather I’m using mobile broadband or cable wifi. Any ideas?


We use a 3rd party for viewing our 3d models.

Do you face that problem when viewing some large 3d models on their site?

No I don’t.
I did upgrade to Windows 10 and so far it’s working now. It is still crashing on my iPad and the iOS is current. I was able to shoot a couple of missions this morning running the DD app. I was having trouble with the app yesterday but today it was flawless.