Waypoint Upload failing


Wow! I haven’t had problems with areas that small. On the Return to Home button is the switch up or down? I experienced once when it was in the up position it wouldn’t load, I put it in the down position restarted DD and it worked. May want to try that.


Hi @tgillespie,

Due to limited support for the Phantom 3s and Phantom 3 4k drones within the DJI SDK, we have decided to stop continuing development for these models. Although the DroneDeploy app may work with these drones, our support team will not be troubleshooting issues related to them. We strongly recommend that any users currently flying either the Phantom 3s or the Phantom 3 4k with DroneDeploy upgrade to one of the drones best supported by both DroneDeploy and the DJI SDK for a better mapping experience.


Why should we upgrade? Everyone else’s apps that employ 3D mapping work, and, in addition, I have been reading where users with Phantom 4 series are having issues with your software…perhaps you need to go back to the drawing board.