Wavy edges of objects in 2D view

Summary of Issue: When viewing 2d map, the edges of buildings and structures on building are wavy. This is not on the original images. See image:


Date Issue Began: New user…

Drone Model: Mavic Pro

Mobile Device Model and OS version: iPHone 7s - IOS 11.3.1

DroneDeploy App Version: 2.72

This can depend on a number of things - your flight altitude, overlaps, whether you shot any oblique images. I would suggest complementing the nadir (vertical) images with using 3D Mode or flying manually to get some oblique images (without the sky in them) of buildings to get better edge definition in stitching.

Thanks Gary. I did another mapping of this site this morning and did with the 3D mode turned on and at a higher altitude. It is better, but still have some of these wavy artifacts in it on the walls of the building. The air conditioning units appear to be better. Additionally, I shot a series of oblique shots around the building and am reprocessing with those shots in it to see if that improves this at all. I’m new to mapping and determined to figure this out. I just don’t want Google Earth to produce better results than my mapping. :slight_smile:

@Gary I did notice that some of my oblique images have a slim slice of sky in the very top of them. (estimated 50 pixels out of 3000) Will throw a wrench into the map that I added them to?

The sky tends to make it want to calculate out to infinity so it can mess with the results a bit. I’d just try it. Experience is your best teacher.

Sculpting 3D with a drone is part art and part science. I did this one by flying manual orbits with the DJI GO4 app at two altitudes shooting 85 overlapping oblique images looking down 45 – 60 degrees. I did not shoot any vertical grid images.

Thanks @Gary. Good to know. Very nice 3D Rendering. Did the 2D model turn out well too?

This is a usual side effect of a 2D view of a 3D object.