Water content in Fields

Has anyone done research on how to leverage the RGB details to determine water content levels in a field. Want to see if there is a way to understand wet areas versus dry areas to leverage for understanding depth to plant seeds. Initial flyover during winter or early spring leveraging multiple flights during a 2 week period.

I don’t do any agriculture work, but you might also be able to leverage the elevation map view. It will show you the low spots (which is where water will pool) by the blue coloring that you could then set pins for viewing in the plant analysis. You can also create cross-sections using the distance annotation to get a more precise limits of those low areas. We sometimes use this method when we are suspecting or running into ground water on a project.

Thanks Michael. I would be interesting in learning more about setting up the cross-sections.

It’s nothing real formal that you can print or report on, but it would allow you to set additional points. There are allot of things that we can do with annotations the would be handy to report, print and export GPS coordinates on, but we can’t do it yet. DD is aware, but there are allot of other things to work on right now. I don’t envy their queue! :astonished:

Are you familiar with QGIS at all? That would be a really good program to learn for this type of work where you are trying to stakeout specific areas. I would be happy to help you get on your feet if not. This may help a little. You could do a little analysis in DD to visualize the areas and create points/point strings in QGIS to load into GPS equipment.

Thank you Michael. I am familiar with QGIS and am starting many of the tutorials on YouTube. It will take me some time to get there, but I’m working on it.

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Nice. Are you all using any kind of GNSS equipment for layout and stakeout? Just curious. I always like learning about different uses and since we started “farming” out our drone services might be able to pick up a couple of clients in the corn plots… :wink:

Not yet. I’m just an infant crawling at this time. The DD software does a good job of flying the fields without having to precisely define field boundaries. The plan is to import boundaries from the farm management software, since those are GPS plotted, and work with them. From what I’ve heard so far the biggest desire from farmers is stand counts. Especially during germination. Knowledge of these counts allows them to do harvest projections and to correct trouble spots early.

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