Volumetric Measurements

I know it was a rumor, but I’m sitting on the edge of seat waiting announcement of volumetric measuring. Is it true? Announcement this week? Next week?..

It is coming. We just got feedback about a small bug that occurs only in a very specific case. We are looking into it but plan to have it out very soon.

Thanks Chase, Looking forward to it!

Looking forward to it too Chase. I have a request by a general contractor (building a school) for me to come shoot the site to verify his excavation contractor has accurate quantities of stockpiled dirt and that subgrade for roads and parking have been cut to grade. If we can pull this off we’d have a paying client for sure. Please give me a heads up when its online and ready to go. Thanks

Should be some news coming soon. Keep a look out.

Hey all, it’s live! https://blog.dronedeploy.com/new-release-volume-measurement-8d20b3754a2e#.5mvdjihgb

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Does the volume calculator only apply to flights as from today? The volume “button” doesn’t appear in the pop up box, only area.

We’re fixing the issue so it’s not so confusing on the UI.

You can ask a map to be reprocessed in our support channel so that it will have volume.

I will coment here, just to get notifications via email regarding this topic. Great news!

I uploaded a mission yesterday but there is no digital or Volumetric toolbox access shown to be available. How can I get access?

It’s available for all paid users, and for those on the 30 day trial. Just re-upload your data set and you’ll be able to measure a volume. The blog and support docs have a lot more info.

Thank you Mike. I understand. I was hoping to try it a few times before jumping in.

I reloaded my data set from 2-4-16 and could no get Volumes. I’m going to shoot a school under construction and upload today. I need to check out the accuracy over a few projects before I can justify starting a subscription. If it works, this is going to be a major asset to a lot of GCs and contractors I work with. So far DroneDeploy has been awesome and I appreciate being a part of the beta. Once the iOS came out I started using the app to fly missions and really haven’t had any issues other than pilot error. I did not try the android because everything I’ve experienced with android has been too buggy and not as reliable as iOS and I’m not just referring to DD.

Checking on this now.

It looks like 2 of the last 3 of your maps have volume. We’re checking to see if something went wrong with the one that doesn’t have it.

The last mission uploaded is the same as previously uploaded on 2-4-16 and for some reason it says 110 missing photos out of 166. only 55 used. I’m getting the elevation tool but can’t close the poly by clicking on the first point to complete. It just won’t accept the click and keeps adding points. Since that’s not working I can’t get the volume calc to come up. I’ve been super busy so it’s been taking a while to respond. Thanks

We’re adding an easier way to close the polygon and an undo. Can you try double clicking when you add the last point? I think that’s a shortcut that may work.

I got it to work once but not again after several tries. I’ll keep playing with. I wasn’t agreeing with the volume calcs I saw so I need to try a few more poly’s

It’s useful to do the volume calcs on top of the DSM layer so you make sure your points aren’t on a tree or something else.

I got it to work once on the DSM but not again. I did try it on the ortho too but couldn’t get it to close there either