Volumetric Changes

If the same map was flown twice over the course of a few months, is there a way to quantify the difference in volume? A simple aggregate would be pretty easy to measure but what if you were trying to quantify shifting sand along a beach?

Hi Rich,

Here is DroneDeploy’s document on best practices for Volume Measurement. Please let me know if this helps: http://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/volume-measurement

We use Civil 3D to compare two surfaces, generated by the point clouds of two separate flights, to do a volumetric comparison of areas. It would indeed be awesome if that was an option within the DD app. I know that it has been discussed in the forums, conference and in person, so maybe this is around the corner :slight_smile:

That’s probably an option. If you were monitoring erosion along a shoreline for example you’d be able to determine if sand was acreting or eroding and by what volume or rate. I’ll try looking into that!

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