Volume Tool

Hello Im new here and im using the Volume Tool for an area. When I calculate the cut/fill, I beleive it works off the area being flat. I am wanting the base plate to be at a 1.5% slope. How do I do this?

You should try the triangulated base option. Search this forum with the key word “triangulated” to see interesting details.


Hi Myles, welcome! Unfortunately there is no way to do an actual set slope. The default method is linear fit which uses the high and low points of what you have digitized and creates a single slope that averages between those points. The triangulation method @solarbarn recommended takes into account every point you digitize thus creating a bunching of varying slope triangles. It is very sensitive to where you put the points, like at the top and toe of a slope. I think your best bet is to calculate the high and low elevation of you slope you want and create a Custom Elevation level plane averaging those two values. This will likely get you the closest approximation with the tools at hand.