Volume PDF and more

Hello Dronedeploy, can you please make the reports where the volumes are, can u use number?,

So not a,b,c,d
make it 1,2,3,4…

its very very confusing when we draw more volumes more than 26 than the a,b,c,d, etc starts over again, just number it.

Thank you


Hi Vincent, sorry about this. The team is working on it and it should be fixed in the next few weeks.

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@Vincent the app is now updated based on your feedback. Please try again and let us know if you like anything else to be improved.

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Volume annotation question…I do a volume on my first pile…then second…then third…etc.(typically up to 30 )…when I generate my PDF report. The order is reversed…this is a real pain…any answers to this are greatly appreciated…thanks

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