Volume Annotation Base Plane - Highest Point


I run into the occasional fairly regularly where we need to calculate material needed for fills. Particularly in subdivisions where we have back-filled the curb and need to level the pads. I am having to due this with the area tool and calculations or put the model in CAD. Both of which take more time than what the task is worth. Thanks!



Hi @MichaelL! This is a great idea, thank you. I’m putting this down in the meeting notes for our next meeting with Product.

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This a great idea and exactly what I am missing also. We use the drone for various stockpile to manage the area used to be charged to customers) but also as in this suggestion to control the height of stockpiles. At the moment I use the volume tool for the oncharging and then go to elevation mode and add manually various distance annotation which I manually Analyse by the highest points. Then give feedback to front wheel loader to reduce height where necessary. (Underground is not everywhere solid fill plus environmental reason limit the stockpile heights).

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