Volume Annotation Base Plane - Highest Point

I run into this fairly regularly where we need to calculate material needed for fills. Particularly in subdivisions where we have back-filled the curb and need to level the pads. I am having to do this with the area tool and calculations or put the model in CAD. Both of which take more time than what the task is worth. Thanks!

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Hi @MichaelL! This is a great idea, thank you. I’m putting this down in the meeting notes for our next meeting with Product.

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This a great idea and exactly what I am missing also. We use the drone for various stockpile to manage the area used to be charged to customers) but also as in this suggestion to control the height of stockpiles. At the moment I use the volume tool for the oncharging and then go to elevation mode and add manually various distance annotation which I manually Analyse by the highest points. Then give feedback to front wheel loader to reduce height where necessary. (Underground is not everywhere solid fill plus environmental reason limit the stockpile heights).


DroneDeploy, @Andrew_Fraser, please consider this! We need a way to calculate volume of material for wall backfill. It would be very easy to have points on the top of the way that would project on a plane. The wall should be solid and vertical, the top plane should be flat. The other problem that would be alleviated is that the canopy for the grandstand overhangs the area slightly so I could not capture the entire area because the base\top plane would jump up. I had to go maually pick the points on the left slope that most closely resembled the top of wall elevation.

I’m pretty sure I have drawn these somewhere before. :thinking:

Wall backfill.

Pond/hole embankment/site leveling.

If you could select a ground point (or type in an elevation) for a horizontal baseplane, would that solve this?

Am I correct in saying you are looking for fill required within the geometry to reach the same height as the wall?



That is correct, fill to grade… An entered value for the area I define would be great. This would actually lead to some other functionalities that I think I hear bouncing around in your head.

This would be a clutch add to the volumetrics! The base plane often confuses people but an accurate way to calculate fill to a desired elevation would be awesome!

We seem to be much more effective in the construction sites, when custom volume elevation is added to the surface option when calculating volume.
We need to see briefly how much different the current level of earthwork is from the reference level in the area of earthwork.
This is very useful when planning to put in excavators and dump equipment.