Virginia bill removing photogrammetry loophole

A new bill in Virginia removes the loophole in the law and will make photogrammetry something one must be licensed for.

To what extent does this affect users of DroneDeploy? Do other states allow this? At what point is photogrammetry considered survey?

I saw this discussion posted on the Facebook UAV Geo Mapping group as well. Looks like NC has imposed rules on people who aren’t surveyors. One user shared this resource on state laws:

I asked the question in another group…most states require surveyors to be licensed. This requires an engineering degree and testing.

Meanwhile users of DroneDeploy are only the go between the surveyor (math behind it) and the end user. DroneDeploy users are the data collectors. Do we need a engineering degree to provide this service? No.

I would like to see DroneDeploy and the other companies lobby for photogrammetry to not fall under survey rules and regulations.

For what it’s worth, here in France there is a distinction between leisure and commercial use. Rules apply to both categories of course but in order to provide a commercial service it is first necessary to pass the theory test for a basic pilot’s licence…

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I think it depends on large part how the information obtained will be used. If for determining legal property lines, then you’ll need to work under the auspices of a licensed surveyor/engineer as a subcontractor. Some construction and mining firms will require licensure under their errors and omissions insurance policies. My suggestion is to cold-call all of your local surveying and engineering firms and offer your services as a subcontractor. Problem solved.

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