Viewing multiple maps at the same time


I have created multiple ortho maps of a large geographic area that I would like to view at the same time to get “the whole picture” on one screen. These individual maps are all part of the same project, but they are contiguous maps of a large area. Is this possible?


So you basically have three different missions of one big area?


Yes, they are contiguous.


Qgis would be a very good tool to learn.

There are a ton of videos on YouTube and a couple of threads in this forum.


How does QGIS perform with huge orthos? I’ve heard it drops to a crawl and every move takes forever to re-render. You don’t have problems with say a 1000 acres of orthoimage loaded?


Our work doesn’t typically go beyond 500 acres or a couple of miles of roadway so I wouldn’t know. I also use 4in/px resolution when I need to combine them like that. My laptop handles our projects just fine, but as with any data you are obviously going to hit a wall at some point. I would be interested to see the specs on a machine and the code of a program that could run a thousand acres high resolution without lag.


For real large scale, a tiled approach is really the only practical way. I believe QGIS renders the entire file even when only a portion of it is visible on the canvas (screen). Arcgis, at least on their webapp, uses the tiled approach, and so does Google Maps. I haven’t used Arcgis so I don’t know how the desktop app handles it.


Yep, tiling is the way. That’s why I always recommend QGIS. Free, open sourcecode and plenty of support videos. I have mentioned this in several other threads of this nature that you can also download the tiles of each map from DroneDeploy for quicker rendering.


Great that DD has that option.