Viewing maps in GE Pro

Hey guys,
When I try to view my maps in GE, they ALWAYS come through as a big red X? I have attempted the 50cm res, but to no avail…any suggestions? I’ve tried on 3 different PC’s at home…

Hi @ZimStead,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. I suggest taking a look at the section titled I get a red X on my KML files in Google Earth from Troubleshooting for Exports.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks Christina, but I wouldn’t have come onto the forum if I hadn’t looked on Troubleshooting already…didn’t help at all - as mentioned, I loaded a map at the max resolution offered at 50cm/px and it still did it? This is only my second map - the first one only loaded a kml file with about a third of the mapped area for some reason - but I suppose it actually came through on GE.

Hi @ZimStead,

Can you share the name of the map you’re having issues with? I’ll have my team look into this and see what’s going on.


Sorry for delay Christina - file is MHallRhizoTrialM26

Thanks in advance!
Cheers for now,

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Open the GeoTiff and create a super-overlay. Or download a smaller resolution ortho from DroneDeploy. 8in/px and higher come right in if the site is not too big. Super-overlays are the way to go for the best resolution.

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Cheers Michael - how do I go about implementing either option you speak of please? Catch ya

Google Earth Super-Overlay. You can Import or File>Open. The important part is to put the folder that receives the tiles they create in an intentional place. After the process you go into that folder and open the KML file. The KMZ’s are the tiles. I find this easier than downloading the tiles from DroneDeploy since i already download the high-res ortho. I’ve gone as far to create a directory in our network with a master KML file that has individual project in subfolders underneath it.

For the overlay without tiling your best option is probably to install the Agtek app. It will produce the exact files you need including the KML. You just have to save all those files in the same folder.