Viewing DEM geotiffs without the distortion


I noticed that all of my DEM geotiff exports appear distorted into a parallelogram shape when viewed in a photo editor, or when loaded into GIS software with the WGS84 coordinate system. Is there any way to correct this distortion, or is it meant to be like that and I am missing something ?

Thanks, Mark

I think I have answered my own question again after a bit of trial and error :smile: As soon as I loaded an open layers plugin base map in QGIS the geotiff layer stretched itself to accurately cover the map background !

glad that worked out @markwalters - we do see sometimes depending on the latitude of the map.

@markwalters if you want the tiff files without distortion, try exporting as Web Mercator - this won’t have the distortions to account for higher latitudes.

Thanks @jono I tried that and Google Earth seems to struggle with opening the kml’s. It crashed the first time, but worked OK after that. Takes an age to load them up.