Viewing 3D Models in VR


Is anyone here working on this? I’d love to do a high quality 3D model of a site and have a project manager do a “Site visit” in VR.


Hi @dwindham,

As far as I know, Sketchfab is compatible with VR (anything compatible with Google Cardboard). Is this what you’re looking for?



I’m a little confused because I thought what you said was right but when I asked on twitter I got a reply that it wasn’t supported? Did that just mean y’all don’t natively support it and that I need to check with sketchfab?


Hi @dwindham,

Saw your question on Twitter. We don’t test any of our services with VR headsets, but users in the past have been able to view 3D models with Sketchfab with Google Cardboard compatible devices. So, we technically don’t officially support it ourselves since this isn’t something we routinely test to see if it works or is compatible.

Hope that clears it up!



Hi @dwindham,

We are currently developing capabilities to view 3D models using Oculus Rift, sounds similar to what you are looking for. Our initial tests have shown that it cuts down on ‘inspection’ time as you are viewing and interacting with a 3D model in a 3D environment, rather than on a computer monitor.

Send me an email ( if you would like more info :slight_smile:



Hi @dwindham,

Yelena here from IrisVR :wave:.

If you want to instantly view any of your 3D models in VR check out our tool called Prospect.

It’s one click to VR (super easy to get started), brings in all your BIM metadata, allows you to host VR meetings with up to 12 people and has a ton of handy tools you can use when you’re performing design reviews.

Prospect currently integrates with Revit, Rhino, Naivsworks, Sketchup, and supports OBJ or FBX file types.

Hope that helps!

Yelena @ IrisVR


Yes, Sketchfab works with SBS viewers. Google Cardboard, Daydream etc.


Your models in .obj format is importale to a number of apps under Steam for 3d VR viewing using for example HTC Vive.
I use the new 10$ app “3D Model Viewer” that is currently under developenment and price reduced during early access.
Allso TiltBrush can import and show .obj 3d-files.
I can actually walk and fly around in my 3D models, so it is not only viewing, but beeing in the model. It is an absolutly amazing experience with great potentiallity.