Viewing 3D maps on iPad


I can view 3d maps just fine on any device, including iPhone 6s, except my iPad Pro which given it’s large screen touch interface would be the ideal platform for it. All I get is a message saying there was a problem with the page and it’s reloading and then it goes back to the 2D map.

Has anyone else seen this?

@DroneDeploy is this expected behavior or is something wrong?

Hi Jon,

This makes a lot of sense, 3D models can only be viewed on the web due to the rendering limits of your iPad. Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks!

But I can view it just fine, in a web browser, on my iPhone - how come?

Hi Jon,

Your iPhone likely has a much faster processor than the iPad. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Hopefully this is something DD can do in the future.

Yeah hopefully they will add it. The iPad is higher spec in every way but it also has more pixels to drive so maybe that’s the reason.

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Likely, sorry we can’t offer that option. It makes a lot of sense to showcase 3D maps that way.

Interestingly, if I view them on the Sketchfab site instead of the DD site, they work just fine on the iPad.

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Good tip, Jon. Thank you for sharing.