View the map on website

When you have exported the map I tried to view the model (obj+mtl) on a website with three js and then tried which I know works for some but I have tried it and this doesnt work for me either. Do you recommend any site or technique to view the model on your own website?

I use McNeil’s Rhino software to view my .obj files. You can use an evaluation version of this software for free and when the evaluation period runs out, you can continue to use the software in viewer mode for free but you will not be able to save any files. I suggest you give this a try. It reads the mtl file to add textures to the .obj 3D model.

Let me know if you have any problems.


Will try it, but I want to display the model on websites any idea of how to do that?

Once you get your model working in Rhino, you could try exporting the model in a format that a 3D viewer recognizes.