Video Viewer

A native or embedded viewer for video.

Hi @chascoadmin,

What types of videos are you hoping to see?

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Hey @Christina, I would think either uploading MP4 or maybe even better, embedding a YouTube video? Or at least a way to post a hyperlink to the YouTube video. The one reason I see the MP4 as an advatage is that it could then be available for the client to download…

Alrighty. We don’t have anything like this in the works right now but happy to share this feedback with the team.

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As for me, the more as about video as I know is how to stream iTunes videos to Chromecast. Generally speaking, there is no right for us to enjoy iTunes videos on non-Apple devices. Since all iTunes videos are combined with fairplay DRM protection, it can be played on Apple devices only. If you really want to play iTunes movies on Android phone, Samsung smart TV, Google play, etc, you may need to use a DRM removal tool to get rip of DRM protection and convert videos from M4V to MP4 and multiple compatible formats without hampering the quality with all audio tracks, subtitles at 30x faster speed. After conversion, it will be much easier for you to enjoy these videos on any devices without limitation. CLICK HERE to learn its detail functions.

Just for clarification, we would be more interested in sharing videos that were shot with the drone.

You’re just wanting to include the file in the images section? Maybe this is a 3rd Party app instead of a feature? I always just send a Sharefile link as well as the DroneDeploy Link when I email deliverables to the client (or a private youtube link, if needed).

No, a formal video viewer. Or like a mentioned an embedded youTube player window like you see on many social media sites. This goes along with the request for a formal image viewer. There would be a seperate section to select for these features. For now we use the Progress Report and YouTube link.

Hi,MichaeIL, as for video, I just know how to convert video into MP4 or other formats, and I had used a software that called DRM Video Converter for Mac, it is made by DRmare, and it works well i think. Hope this will help you.

Thanks @kassie for chiming in. This thread was actually about having the ability to view videos embedded in the DroneDeploy interface which has now happened so I will go ahead and close this thread. Welcome!