Video Plan-Circle Around Focal Point

When creating a video plan it always starts out as a square, if you have ever seen a drone video of a drone flying a square pattern it doesn’t look too great. I know the shape can be changed into whatever I want and most of the time I am adding a lot of points to make a circle. When creating a video plan can DD give us an option to free form from a square or have some sort of radius circle option and be able to increase or decrease the radius size? That would be great, thanks!


Radial Orbits has been on the books for a while and there are a couple of threads you could check out, but I think it is dependent on the subject whether “square” routes look good or not. Corners on these routes have a slight radius so the action is smooth and if it fits the shape of the site it looks very good. Actually I like an octagon or decagon as it adds a little panning motion which is also a nice effect. I think more importantly though we need the ability to have multiple POI’s. This may not fit your post as you may be shooting a single subject, but that is a request as well.

Yes multiple POI’s would be good too, I will stick with Litchi for video and multiple POI’s for now but the dream is to be able to do everything out of DD and not have to use multiple apps.


I’m right there with you, including the Litchi use.