Video Editing Software

Which Video Editing Software should be used?

This is definitely a common question for newbies who want to edit their video by themselves. Being a member in some DJI forum, I encounter with this topic many times. Therefore, today, I will list some video editing software for reference.

Free: DaVinci Resolve
GoPro Studio
Windows Movie Maker

Paid Software:
Adobe Premiere Elements
Adobe Premiere Pro
Cyberlink PowerDirector
Final Cut Pro
Pinnacle Studio
Wondershare Filmora

Here are some software that is mostly used. Hope that It will support you somehow.

I am also a Real Estate Video Editing provider. And most of our products are made with Adobe Premiere Pro. It works well with us and can meet all of our demands.

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Nice change of pace. This is one of those topics that could get really big because there’s an endless number of ways to edit video according to the need and personal preferences. I know many of us also provide video as part of our services so it will be nice to hear how and learn some tips.

I haven’t tried any of the free ones except Windows Movie Maker and it does an okay job, but the resolution suffers and for some reason we have had some issues with the file type working across different computers. Our primary editing software is CyberLink PowerDirector ultimate. Very, very easy and excellent 4K quality.

Best free one is Audacity or Shotcut. They got great potential for you to explore as long as you are willing to spend time on them.
Paid for one: Joyoshare Video Cutter. Easy-to-use. Not re-encoding as long as you don’t convert the video format with it.

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Thank you very much for your recommendation!

This is a good share. I think it is useful for many people. I have only used Windows Movie Maker and RecoveryTool Video Editor. These will be more suitable for beginners.

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Amy, thank you so much for sharing such an amazing list!
I believe GoPro Studio is the most functional app among free ones, so every newbie video editor should master it.
If it comes to paid software, there is nothing better than Adobe Premiere Pro, it is an absolute favorite.
However, it can’t be said that one app can satisfy all the needs and be the ultimate decision for EVERY customer, so now I’m working on my custom video editing app (please, check this article out), I would like to take into consideration every request from my potential customer, so please, if you have any proposals regarding the features provided in video editing app, contact me. Thank you in advance!

For Mac, the best choice maybe Final Cut Pro; as a professional, I like Adobe Premiere Pro. For newbies, TunesKit AceMovi is the best video compiler