Vertical mapping

Is it possible to do vertical mapping in stead of horizontal mapping?
I need to map a 25 meter high wall.
How should i do it?

I would try and fly a grid pattern looking down on the wall at about a 45 degree angle far enough away to get a lot of unique overlapping reference features in the images. Don’t get the sky in it.
Try it at two distances from the wall. maybe 20 m and 30 m and upload both sets as one map.
It might work.

If you haven’t yet, you might also try stitching the wall as a structure rather than as Terrain. Although I haven’t had a reason (yet) to map a wall, I have mapped structures like these solar panels with pretty good results.

This flight was not “mapped” using DD, simply hand flown, taking a series of photos manually from 3 vantage points, top, front and rear.

The new DJI GS Pro has a Vertical Mode.

Has anyone been successful using the vertical mode?