Vertical Inspection

It would be awesome to have a vertical inspection workflow that allows me to create annotations and reports. For example if I’m inspecting a cell tower I want to be able to markup any problem areas and send that information to my manager.


I agree. I need to be able to create vertical plane maps and orbits for faces of structures and towers with same options of overlap.

That option could be perfect for me to, i am doing tower inspections manually now, it could be very nice to have this option in dronedeploy.

Hopefully this is OK?
Take a look at Optelos software. You can place all your DD workflows into it and annotate neatly, professionally and always have the data to hand.

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I too would love a software package that would map vertically!

Ideal for coastal defences. I live on a small Island where our sea walls need constant maintenance. Being able to map vertical surfaces would be a real time saver.

@danielrasmuson, @AZCDS,
DroneDeploy supports vertical inspections now!
Check out the new Scopito app in the app market.