Version 2.0.44 iPad/iPhone issues

Anyone else having issues with the latest app update loading on their iPad or iPhone? It took a day for the iPhone app to work. iPad does not work, it does not load all flights and when refreshing stops it greys out all but two flights and clicking on them causes a whiteout on the screen.

I am not sure what’s happening here.

Can you try removing the app completely and then installing fresh?

I flew three missions today without any issues running latest software/firmware on iPhone and P4P.

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I’ve had no issues with the newest version of the app on my Ipad mini.

Any solutions for P34K?
uninstalled reinstalled DJI and DD. Controller set to F but DD waits for correct mode?
Help. Assignments not completed as this task is left incomplete.

We are having a problem with version 2.0.44 on iPad Pro flying a P4P.

We fly in remote location with no cell or WiFi connection in offline mode.

Apparently the new version requires a logon each time it opens, and without a connection, you can logon.??

Anyone else having this problem? Thanks

This isn’t a new issue with the new version, but it is something we’re still trying to fix. If you uninstall completely then reinstall it might resolve the issue for now.

Apparently my partner did the un/reinstall, and the logon issue seems now to have vanished.

I simulated an ‘offline’ condition on my iPhone by turning off the WiFi & Cell data options. And when I tested with my iPhone I had no problems. Quien sabe?

Another option is to logon while connected to the web, and never log off! That seems to work for me