Velocity in planning and simulation

When I planned a mission, the web app indicates a Duration, Area and Resolution that depends of the Altitude and Flight Direction.

But for the estimative of the Duration another important variable are the VELOCIY.

How can I modify the velocity in the planning ?

As I understand for some abservation (as the simulation) the app uses 15 m/s as the velocity. I NEVER in the field (whith the Mavic) have this velocity. Depending the wind the velocity can vary between 7 m/s to 13 m/s.

Can I adjust manualy in the planning the velocity th obtain a more conservative Duration ?

In the simulation the velocity are fixed in 15 m/s, so the Duration are less than the reality of ythe field.

The velocity provided to the DJI drone is the max velocity. It will always fly slower during acceleration and if there is strong wind. For a p4 or an inspire it can often achieve a faster speed in wind. The duration does assume a bit of this acceleration cost and the slowdowns on turns. As you mentioned this might not be 100% accurate for a mavic due to the trouble it has in the wind.
We will be provided a max speed adjustment. I don’t think this is going to initially provide the duration correction that you want since the same duration calculation will happen when you lower the speed. We’ve made a note of this though.

Yesterday I flew a 27 hectares area. The estimated time was 11:31 minutes, while the real mission time was 24 minutes.
Observing the telemetry during the mission the velocity changed from 12 m/s to 7 m/s depending the direction of the flight.

With the Mavic I never have more than 13 m/s.

Wold be nice if we can change the max velocity in the planning AND in the simulation. As I observed are fixed in 15 m/s.

Today I will fly the same mission with the Inspire to see the time.

As i remember when first time i try dronedeploy, i can change the velocity of the aircraft. After few update i can not found setting to change the velocity. Can you show me where to find setting to change the velocity.