V8 (1.0.6) Bugs and Feedback

Thanks for trying V8 (1.0.6)!

Please add feedback and bug reports as a reply to this topic.


The undo feature is very nice when setting up the mapping. The Phantom 3 still gets stuck on waypoints for at least 75% of my flights which is frustrating. Until a terminate solution can be put into place, could you just have it timeout after X seconds and continue on? Or perhaps give the user the option to skip a waypoint in the UI?

I think I read in some changelogs coming from dji that they might have fixed the sticking at waypoints.

I have recently tried the dronedeploy app on my Nexus5 (most recent android general release), on my Inspire 1 (not sure which revision - I received it at the beginning of March, and engraving says the model is T600…).

After previously staying with general-release firmwares, I installed the beta inspire firmware as suggested by this guide. For the first time for me, the firmware didn’t seem to install correctly. At the end of the upgrade process, I got a constant solid beep that only stopped when I shut down. The log said the firmware upgrade failed. I restarted the inspire as suggested, then I got the ‘aborted, firmware on aircraft is the same or newer’ message.
The inspire seemed to start fine, and an indoor no-props ‘flight’ seemed to go fine.

I then started the DroneDeploy app on my Nexus 5. All the checklist worked aside from ‘Mission Check Failing: Error while setting waypoints. Restart app and drone.’ I did this several times, but got the message each time. (this was planned to be a no-props ‘flight’, given my uncertainty with the firmware)

I have been unable to force a re-flash of the firmware, although hopefully the 2.18 one will be shared on here soon, once the team feels they have had enough experience with it. With a newer firmware, the drone should let me re-upgrade the firmware.

I am not sure if this inability to write waypoints is related to the app, the sdk, or the potential incomplete upgrade of the firmware.


The failure to write waypoints could be any of those things.

We have been flying with the newer sdk firmware and it seems fine. Do you have access to it? I’d give that a try. If not I can email you.

I am using the “Phantom 3 Professional Firmware v1.2.6”. Can you send me a link to the firmware you recommend?

i think it will be good to add another layer of pictures taking from 45 degree camara in orbit from out side to inside of the project and then another layer from center of the project also in 45 degree camara yawing 360 to out side from center
what i think will give also walls and trees more dimonsion

just a thoght

You should be able to install this firmware. We have been flying it for a few weeks as well as a few beta users.


If the firmware you are using is working right now I would stick with it. We will be updating our directions soon with the latest version.

Thanks Chase,
I’m out of town for this week, but will give it a try when I return.

Had have two successful flights with V8. One was a new mission and the other was flying an older mission. It picked up on the older mission and was very quick to setup and load. The only think I am seeing is there was not a new mission on the dashboard for this flight. I am uploading the images to the original flight but it would be nice to see the new flight at the top of the list. I also like the different options of the height of the mission and the overlap. Is there going to be an option int he future to set speed? Thank you for the great work.

We currently set speed to the max we can and still obtain the right frontlap depending on the altitude.

If you fly an older mission I don’t think we currently update the position on the dashboard. I’ll add that to our list.

We will also be optimizing our overlap settings a bit more in the near future. Since you are flying often on difficult to stitch fields we might reach out to see if you want to help with that. We are looking to increase the flight area while still stitching successfully using the Inspire/P3.

Thank you. I will have some good cotton and soybean fields to fly over soon if you want to test the overlap settings. Just let me know.

I just looked at the map of the field I reflew today and it looks like it is trying to combine the new images with the old images. Can you look at it and see what you think. It is the Cantley Beans map. Thank you.

Did you say you uploaded the new photos to the same map as the old one?

Yes. I did not see any other option.

Which flight is that so I can try to see what happened.

Couple Ideas after last couple flights with V8. I like the return to home is at drone full speed. Could we have the same to first Way Point. I was flying on a really windy day today and was blowing off course, if we could have extra waypoints half way then the drone would get back on course more often. Also it would help to have more waypoints when trying to fly a multi battery so the drone doesn’t have to fly the long stretch again if it doesn’t quite get to the way point. Same goes for risking your battery life trying to get that extra waypoint. Im not going to complain about the process of multi battery flight, yes it is a pain but at least it can do it <unlike the $30,000 drone I had last year> and i know its on the list.

Also if the flight heights could have resolution on each option

It is the one named Cantley Beans. Thank you