V7 (1.0.5) Bugs and Feedback

Thanks for trying V7 (1.0.5)!

Please add feedback and bug reports as a reply to this topic.


Thanks Chase,

Love the easy, almost one button settings for height and overlap, but it would be nice if we can have an advance tab to be able to have more manual control, like in v6. sometimes i need a certain overlap and height for my projects.

More testing to come with more feedback for you.


I get stuck at mission and camera checks. with this app and the previous one. Sometimes it gives me a sd card errors/no sd. But the SD is in and working. but overall it never completes the checks. I have rebooted and closed the app and all of that.
phantom 3 advance, samsung note 4

Also, when i open the app and initialization starts, it tells me Connected to deneysvd_Inspire1 the only problem is that i have a phantom3 advance. Could this be the reason that i get the camera error, or the flight check problems?

Are there any maps you’ve made so far which have had bad coverage with the app. If you’re using different methods to stitch then you may need different overlap, etc. But the app is optimized for using dronedeploy.

No phantom 3 advance support yet. Will come in a few weeks.

Understandable that this should only be used for DroneDeploy, don’t get me wrong in that. The altitude is my only concern. might need just an extra couple of feet of altitude to clear an obstacle and still have high precision maps.e.g. 86 feet might be too low and 162ft is too high.

Ah. The altitude will be a slider soon. A set of options was easier for initial testing and made sure beta testers were flying at those same heights.

Two successful flights at different locations today using Beta 7 (DD V1.0.5).
Altitude: 75M (246’)
Wind: @ 2kph
Flight duration: 7:43 & 7:41
Aircraft: Inspire 1
Results: Performed as expected.

I find myself wondering what my signal strength is when flying with DD especially at the farthest points on my flight. We can get that info when using DJI app as part of their OSD but not available with DD. Would there be any usefulness in providing that in DD?

Also, I review flight logs after flights and would like to see additional info such as:
Total acreage covered.

Hi Dave,

We’re waiting for the signal strength to be supported by the SDK - unfortunately it isn’t support at the moment. We’ll add it back as soon as it is.

WRT acreage, if you open the map, and click the [+] button in the bottom right of the data card, you’ll see some more information about the flight. Please do shoot across any additional info you find interesting.

I have made 5 maps but have a problem with 1. I have uploaded the photos twice now, leaving at least 24 hours for processing but still no map. Not sure if it is still processing or I have done something wrong. Is it possible to check at your end? The mission called Fort Doyle was flown 18th July at 11:33

I’ll check up on your Fort Doyle map. It should usually be ready in maximum a few hours.

Thankyou Chase. Also, when you select “fly again” from the dashboard, does this overwrite the information you have already input or does this ‘add’ more data to your existing map?

It creates an additional plan. You don’t really need to use the dashboard to ‘fly again’. You can use the left and right arrows when you are in the field to refly a mission that was already flown in that same area.

Why would I want to fly again though? Will flying again improve the map I have already made?

Our current customers regularly fly the same flight repeatedly. Often times they fly the same construction site daily or weekly. Users in Agriculture are making maps of the same fields throughout the week. If you map the same area you can also view those maps on the data page and see how they differ over time.

ok thanks that makes sense now

Went out today with the new version and had three flights. The first flight went as expected with no issues. I like having the height and overlap option on the screen when you are planning your mission. I went to the next site and set up and large area to test the continue mission out. Setup the mission and let drone fly until the battery got low and pressed the home button to bring it back. Shut the drone and the app down and replaced the battery. Brought the app back up and selected the old mission. The dotted lines showed where the drone had been and the area that was remaining. Selected continue mission and pressed the check button and then nothing happened. The checklist did not come up and the takeoff button was grayed out. Waited a minute to see anything would happen and when nothing did I shut the app down and restarted it. Selected the old mission again and pressed the check button and the check list went through and got takeoff. I then looked at the mission and it was headed to fly over a area that was already covered on the beginning of the mission. I brought the drone back shutdown again and started a new mission that it could cover in one battery. This one worked fine with no problems.

Continue mission did not work well
The drone is still taking pictures on the way back when you press home during the mission
There needs to be a way to design the mission without having to be connected to the drone to save battery
The mission pattern does not need to setup until after the boundary area is set. I have had the app lock up because it could not redo the pattern.

I was able to do my first multi flight mission today with 1.0.5. I chose the highest altitude option and kept default overlap setting. Mission Map was ~160 acres. It was overcast and about 4PM.

First flight went fine and I decided to hit return to home when battery hit 30% and was hovering at nearby waypoint as I was about 60%+ done with map. Returned and landed perfectly within inches of takeoff spot. Selected Download Images Later.

Shutdown P3, Transmitter and closed DD app. Switched batteries.

On startup DD connected to P3 and I was in the process off selecting Continue Mission when I realized I forgot to switch to P mode before starting DD app. Shutdown DD app. Switched to P mode. Started App and it sat at waiting to connect. After trying restarting P3, Transmitter, and DD app without success. I rebooted tablet and it finally was able to connect.

2nd Flight: Even though dotted lines showed to the point where I ended first flight, DD sent the P3 to the far waypoint and repeated the last pass I thought I had completed. Flight finished and landed again almost exactly where I took off.

At home uploaded 293 images. Though I questioned why my mission shows this on website:
I believe 180 was the number of pictures taken during first flight.

Map completed processing in about 2 hours after uploading and the stitching looks great.

Thoughts on the repeated pass:
I believed the P3 was probably still searching for the end waypoint when I pressed the return to home button. Next time I will wait until it is flying the small pass at the end of the map before returning and see what the results are.

The image count doesn’t really get set correctly for continue missions yet, but that will get fixed some time in the future.

Currently the continue mission uses the last waypoint that the drone successfully was able to find. In the future we may be able to add something that remembers where it last was before coming home.

You probably don’t need to restart the app in order to switch to ‘F’ or ‘P’ mode. You can do it while the app is running and it should show a warning until it is in the right mode.