V6 (1.0.4) Bugs and Feedback

Thanks for trying V6 (1.0.4)!

Please add feedback and bug reports as a reply to this topic.


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Today I’ve had the opportunity to try the apk V6 (1.0.4). My platform is an Inspire 1 running with the DJI firmware ending 09, the one suggested by Dronedeploy. I used my samsung note 3 running android version 5.0. Everything went well from take off to landing, even though I was in a very tight spot, it landed perfectly. I flew 2 missions, only one was completed. I was too ambitious with the first mission, 48 acres on one battery… I had to interrupt the mission without being able to continue. The second mission covered 18 acres and it seems to have been successful. I collected 92 images of 5mb. I am having some issue with the uploading due to the fact that I have a very slow internet connection. As far as the flights,it was perfect, it took off at 272 ft, flew straight lines of about 3/4 of a mile against heavy winds, and it landed exactly in the same spot it took off from. I will report about quality after all 92 images are uploaded.