Using zoom camera on mavic 3

Is it possible to use zoom camera on mavic 3 entreprise instead of the main one?


I don’t see why not as long as DD has the profile setup. Just don’t mix them. Worth a try at least.

Hi @cyrilp , currently when mapping with DroneDeploy we will only capture with the wide lens. What are you looking to capture with the zoom lens?

Not sure what the OP is looking to capture, however a good use of zoom would be when doing vertical facades. The idea being to get a closer view when limited either by how close DD allows you to fly to the building, or, when there are obstacles such as tower crane on side of a building that need to fly around. Another example is when you need to have a resulting composited image that clients can see quarter to dime sized defects on vertical surfaces. In open areas a larger aircraft with a bigger camera might be an option, however in tight quarters something smaller like the size of a Mavic 2 Zoom or Mavic 3 or (please) an Autel EVO II might be able to get the job done using zoom.

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Can you switch to the zoom camera in manual flight? I haven’t tried DD with the M3E since it doesn’t support personal RTK but that would be a no-brainer IMO.

DroneDeploy does not yet support Manual flight for the M3E/RC Pro Enterprise Flight app, but we plan to release Manual flight by July and zoom will be supported.

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