Using two cameras at once

I am using the 3rd party camera selection and planning my flights that way, but I still want my DJI camera to take photos as well. My 3rd party camera doesn’t have as wide of a view so there shouldn’t be a problem with overlap.

Is there a way anyone has done this?

I have tried using the DJI and plan that way, but then I have gaps in my 3rd party camera as it begins taking photos as soon as it turns on.

I’ve been wondering the same thing :wink:

If you still have your DJI camera, leave “use 3rd party camera” disabled, then just fly the mission as normal, turning on your third party camera as appropriate.

@chasemgray can confirm/correct this^^

What 3rd party cameras are you two using out of interest?


This doesn’t work…because the DJI camera has a wider view while my other sensor is a more narrower of view. So if I let the DJI fly with its settings I have spacing between my shots with my other sensor.

If I fly with the proper settings for the sensor then I would just have more overlap than needed on DJI, but it doesn’t take any photos when 3rd party selected.

I am using the SlantRange

Sorry - I read your first post backwards. So in that case, if you wanted to set up manually: you’d just select a very high overlap but…

…because you are using SLANTRANGE: they have an app to automatically set the correct overlap for your sensor during planning:

We’re also looking into providing stitching for Slantrange images in DD later this quarter.

More information on blog:


Yes and I use the app for the SlantRange, but when I look at its flight settings in advanced I can’t get the sidelap of what the DJI is for the SlantRange if that makes sense.

I mean if I use the slantrange app i get its “recommended settings” for height and speed. I put in the overlap necessary, but then if I drop the 3rd party camera and just try to do DJI it’s all screwy and the overlap doesn’t crossover to DJI.

I guess what I need is the settings for the DJI camera that will allow the SlantRange and it to be able to do their jobs. So SlantRange needs only “20% overlap” which in DJI terms its like 65% or something.

Micasense Rededge for me…

Before DD allowed apps SlantRange allowed flight using the X3 parameters. Here is a blog post on it.

Right this is what I was doing prior to the slantrange app, but now it still won’t take pictures even with the 3rd party camera unselected.

So if you create a plan (don’t copy one) and have 3rd party unselected the X3 doesn’t take pictures? That sounds like a DD bug to me.

More trouble: if you don’t have a DJI camera, or no camera at all… it’s impossible to fly a mission. And I selected “third party camera”. At pre-flight checks, it won’t go past the “waypoint upload status” item… and that’s the end of the show. Goes for both my drones: Inspire 1 and Matrice 600 Pro. So what’s the point of having the “use third party camera” option, if enabling it will prevent you from flying?!

And then I also encountered the issue @Juggernaught was having: I flew 3 missions today (2nd and 3rd were copies of the first, only with different camera settings). First mission went fine, using my Inspire 1 with X3. Second and third: no images captured. What’s going on?!

How to use two camera?

Depends on the cameras. If one camera for example is a DJI then DD will use that. The other camera must be a standalone type that just begins shooting when you turn on your drone or flip a switch to begin. If both are through DJI I am unsure. You will also need to know which is the more narrow focal length and make sure it gets the overlap, otherwise it will have gaps.

If this doesn’t make sense let me know I can try and detail it out better.

hmm okay good information thanks precisionFlying