Using the map grid but with video

Is there any way to draw your map area, then have DD map the grid but then use your video or you control the camera while it is flying the DD grid?

Hi @ddub,

If you’re talking about flying manually, you can definitely do so. You’ll actually need to fly manually for most cases when creating a 3D model.


I think he’s suggesting using DD to automatically fly the direction of the grid but have manual control of the camera, whether it be taking pictures or recording video.

Yes exactly can I use DD to fly the grid but I use video for example?

You might check out hivemapper as it is my understanding they do their entire mapping using video. I have explored it a bit but not tried it myself. I do plan to do so.

Just do a Waypoint mission in DJI Go and set the camera tilt to what you want or control it on-the-fly. Easy enough to emulate the DD lawnmower pattern.

Or use the Litchi app. Using their mission hub web interface, pre-program your waypoints in a lawnmower pattern including height, camera tilt and direction. I have setup a mission to pause 30 seconds at the first waypoint to give me time to set the camera tilt and start recording. See screen shot of waypoints below: image

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I use Litchi as well, but disclaimer that it is not free. I have evangelized for a while that it is well worth the $30 as your catch-all goto when others aren’t doing quite what you want.