Using Skydio drone and dronedeploy software

I’m interested in flying drones for farmers to inspect their crops. Does anyone know if the dronedeploy software for Agriculture can be used with the Skydio drone to detect stress on the crops?; and will it fly autonomous using this software?

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I use a skydio 2 for area mapping and volume measurements. It works fine with the DD flight app. After the mission and uploading the pics there are numerous tools on the DD site that should help identify areas of crops that need a closer look.

What is the exact name of the droneDeploy software?

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It’s Drone Deploy Flight. Can be downloaded from the App Store. I’m using on a iPad mini.

Gotcha. Thanks. What’s it called on the droneDeploy website. Is it the one that’s like $329 a month that will do pretty much everything?

Also, how do you like the key framing? Seems like it would be good for real estate.

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I would do the cheapest subscription on DD. You got most options but no 3D scan or elevation contours. Haven’t done key framing yet.