Using Ground Control Points

So you’d need an rtk setup? How does one process the RTK data? I’m looking at this cheap rtk device to put onto my dji inspire. I guess the software would compare locations at the photo creation time?

Reach RTK -

@Dopeytree - please see here for more information on this:

For clarity, GPS or GNSS does not mean RTK.
RTK (Real Time Kinematic) requires two GPS antennas for accuracy and a radio signal communication between them for correction signals. One is called the base (sits atop a tripod), and the second is the rover (on the pole). Even with my RTK system (yes, I’m a surveyor), if I have only one receiver on, my accuracy is only slightly more accurate than a Garmin or Magellan. This is called an autonomous position. When both antennae are on and the radio communication is established, a ‘fix’ is made. Now understand even this ‘fix’ is based on the autonomous position of the base. To get ‘real-world’ coordinates and elevations, a local benchmark with predetermined coordinates and elevations need to be tied in.
Unless your UAV has a dedicated RTK antenna and radio communication with a second, stationary antenna, and I’m unsure if any do at this time, your accuracy will only be feet/meter accurate, rather than cm/inch.
Think: GPS=Garmin/Magellan ($200 at BassPro)
RTK=Trimble/Topcon ($20000 at your local survey supply store)

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Thanks a lot for all tips that all of you have mentioned.

Is it possible to upload this data to see how the building model goes?

You want to use GCP’s for a building?