Using DroneDeploy maps in 3D game engines?

Hi, i am looking for a solution to make a map for 3D racing game, the request is that racing map is identical to the real-world racing track.
Is it possible to use 3d map created with DroneDeploy and convert it to something that a game engine can use? Game engines are usually compatible with files from Maya, 3ds Max etc.

Any ideas, or reference to some helpfull documentation would be great.

Thank you

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That should be possible. I have seen converters that can use the LAS that we get from DroneDeploy and get them into the gaming engines. I think I saw Unity as one of those so I imagine there are others. An LAS is just a text file at it’s core.
There was an interesting article from DroneDeploy recently talking about the possibility of extracting linework from the model that could be used in CAD. That would be a great thing for this project. I’m currently working on 10 miles of roadway using a combination of ground survey, vehicular survey and the drone to make a realistic model that we can load into survey gear and GPS machine control. I’d be interested in learning more.

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Thank you Micheal,
So basically DroneDeploy maps exports to LAS Cloud Point, and as far as i can see there are some attempts to import it to UnrealEngine, for example, or

So I guess this is the direction in which I should do more research?

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