Using AI generator to remove cars on the road when using the Corridor Plan

I was reviewing an image I recently processed through DroneDeploy and noticed that all the cars on the road looked as if they had been ghosted out by using an AI tool. This could be a useful feature for the corridor plan so that vehicles are not covering things on the road that may need to be seen in the image.

The cars are probably ghosted out just due to moving not AI. Notice how the parked, stationary cars show up fine.

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This is correct. Ghosting is due to the natural stitching and feathering process of creating the ortho. There are always more images without a moving vehicle than with. Problem with corridors (especially roadways) is that you don’t always get the opportunity to capture enough images of that area to cover up the object. You typically can’t fly right down the centerline of a road so unless you have really high side overlap your probably only going to get two lanes or 6-8 images per point. That’s plenty for accuracy but on a typical site flight pattern we’re getting 9-12.